Red lentil cream soup with coconut, chili-garlic crab and salmon
1 500 Ft
Turkey steak with olive-tomato gnocchi, arugula and parmesan
3 100 Ft
Roasted pork belly with grilled potatoes and coleslaw salad
3 100 Ft
Floating Island with raspberry puree
1 200 Ft


Eggplant cream with pita
1 500 Ft
Goose liver terrine with quince jam, croissant and figs
2 300 Ft
Cold hors d`oeuvre (Goose liver terrine, aubergine cream, marinated salmon, ham)
2 500 Ft


Szentkirályi mineral water (sparkling, still) 0,33L
390 Ft
Lemonade (Strawberry, Raspberry, Elderberry, Mint, Mango)
480 Ft
Syrup (strawberry, elderberry, raspberry, mango)
480 Ft
Cola, Orange, Tonik ( 3dl )
450 Ft
Fruit juices 1dl
160 Ft
Fruit juice (tomato, pineapple, pear) 0,25L
510 Ft
Ice tea 0,25L
510 Ft
540 Ft
620 Ft
690 Ft
Hot chocolate
790 Ft
Iced coffee
980 Ft

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